**Providing the ultimate services for the best "LIVE and "DJ" & "KJ" Entertainment for over 25 years....!!!

Senior Communities, Veterans and Charity Groups or Organizations. Ask about our one hour "FREE" entertainment....!!!!
**Best music selection.....Top 100 hits of all times":

Chamorro, Island Reggae, Hip Hop, Rythum & Blues, 50s, 60s & 70s, Rock n Roll, Old School (Disco), Jazz (Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Michael Bubble), Country & Western (Old & New), Latin, Calypso, Techno, Ehtiopia, and variety of genres of music...we have it, we'll play it...!!

Any & All Occassion:

**Private Parties, Weddings, Fiestas, Corporate Events (meetings, luncheons & banquets), Clubs, Pubs, Casino's & Taverns, Wineries and Restuarants. Even back yard BBQ....No matter where, what and how we'll make it a memorable event for your employee's, family and guest...!!!

*Southern California based, however, I've entertained all over California, Az, Wa.State, Oregon, Alabama, The Carolina's, NYC, Va., Md, Texas, Hawaii, Guam and the Mariana Islands. Wherever your next event will be. We are here to satisfy your unforgettable and memorable events.

"We will make your event a memorable one, providing live music entertainment, Disc Jockey, Karaoke Jockey for your company's social, happy hour or private parties.

Additional Acts & Promo: Extra Cost $$$: 
Food Catering, Photography, Clowns, Photo Booth, Elvis Impersonator, Hawaiian Hula Dancers (individual or Groups), Jumpers (variety style), face painting or other acts."

So let us entertain your next events.....!!!

Please contact June Lizama and schedule your next party:
TEL:  (619) 341-2457 or email:

Comments and Reviews:

Maga Lahi and family,

We just wanted to say with absolute, Thank You for performing and DJ'ing our celebration.  It was a huge success because of  you and your beautiful wife.  Our selected guest gave great review on your performace and hoped that we sold enough CD.  The  professional impact you displayed have made us to keep you as our primeir DJ, bar none.
Again, Thank you for the fine performance,  My guess have called and said that every time they played your CD, They picture you in their mind at our Party.  

Si Joe and Joyce Borja

Hafa Ben and June. Thank you for being here to witness the incredible spirit and warmth of our people and especially the very positive vibrations of the G/A campaign. Your presence made a great deal of difference wherever you perform.We will certainly give you guys a call when we are in the area. Take care and know that there is much love for the both of you. Si Yu'os Maase.

Gov.Carl Gutierrez (Guam)/Senator Frank Aguon Jr.

Chelu, Bwi,

Thank you, Olomwaay, yan  Si Yu’us Ma’ase’

It was a blast to have you on the stage, you made a difference in this years liberation by just being with us your family, friends yan nuebo na amigo mu siha you made during this weekend.  The entertainment committee had a blast and it was a pleasure for us to adjust our line ups to accommodate you. 

I look forward working with you in the future and if there is anything that your Chamorro and Carolinan Brothers and sisters can do your for you, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Again thank you so much, it was a pleasure meeting you. 


Our Goal;
Quality Service and Warm Hospitality is Our Business. Our Aim is Your
Enjoyment and Your Memorable stay in the CNMI -

Team  PDI Spirit for Creative Challenge Continues in Fostering Prosperity
and Success

Gordon I. Marciano - Director

Pacific Development Inc.
P.O. BOX 500502 500502  CK
TEL: 670 322 8770
FAX: 670 322 8794
CELL: 670 287  1195

Adam is feeling much better haha. Thank you. He actually finally drank water when home and woke up okay. My aunt chris is amazing!! Yes you did a wonderful job, everyone had good things to say. I don't have any video, if someone sends me one I will try sending it to you. When I get more pictures I will send you some too,  do you want ones you are in the background? 

Loved that you matched us as well and your wife was so sweet as well. Thank you again for all you did 

Hi Ben & June,

Just wanted to let you know your $$$check is in the mail.  Please email or text me when you receive it.

Again, Ben, you were sensational!

Thanks so much!

Christine Wedge

 Si Yuus Maase (Thank you for your business)



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