We thank you from all the Pacific Islanders. Please come out and join us in GUAM 2016 for the 12th Festival of Pacific Arts, a lifetime historical event ever...!!!

"May 22nd to June 4th 2016"


Ben "Maga Lahi" Lizama

A native born , February 3rd 1961, in Tamuning, Guam. Territory of the United States. It's "Where America's Day Begins", Islands of the Marianas. Chamorro native, sings, speaks and write chamorro. Main language is English / Chamoru. Graduates from George Washington Sr. High School.  Enlisted in the United States Army June 12 1979 Honorably discharge June 11 1983 (4yrs), Columbus Technical College , Non-Comission Officer Ft Benning Ga, United States Army.

Singer / Songwriter, Keyboardist, Rhythm Guitar, Saxophonist, Disc Jockey and Chamorro's very own live recording artist from the Marianas Island the Island of Guam USA, a way by San Diego, California
. Married to a beautiful and lovely lady also from Guam, June Munoz Lizama.

Below: Vicente C Lizama (father) my "HERO" and the inspiration to my music talent and success. Thank You - Si Yuus Maase


Father, Vicente C. Lizama, the inspiration to my musical talent & success, was born in the mariana island of Saipan (CNMI). Mother, Soledad M Lizama, also from the mariana islands north of Guam, the island of Rota (Luta).

Nine brother's & sister's also musically talented. 5 Sisters 4 brothers including myself. We started singing, playing the guitar, keyboard at home and in church services. Sister, Benita Lizama, music arrangement with Dante the 12 Festival of the Pacific Arts theme song 2016 "What We Have, What We Own and What We Share" continues the legacy playing the guitar during the morning services as the 6am music director in Toto village, Guam.

Our Late Grandfather,  Ignacio Lizama, also well known church pianist in the island of Rota. Elderly folks have recall listening to his warm touch of that "Piano" during services. I am truly bless. Thank you Lord. Miss you much "Ta"

Father,  Vicente very talented musician plays most string instruments from steel, electric, acoustic, ukelele and other string guitars. Self taught himself with the keyboards. 

Ben "Maga Lahi" Lizama a musically talented musician plays the saxophone (soprano, Alto, Tenor & Baritone), flute, acoustic & electric guitar, bass guitar, ukelele guitar, drums and keyboard (Piano).

Ben "Maga Lahi" Lizama a chamorro recording artist recorded his first album called, "Chamoru Yu" 2010 which means "I Am Chamorro" and an Ep album 2012 "Hunggan Magahet" meaning "Yes it's true" dedicated to the resurrection of the single outrigger "PROA" called the SAKMAN.

Ben continue's to play the alto & tenor saxophone for the late, Governor of Guam "Ricardo Bordallio" who decided to form an paid orchestrated band called the "Governor's Youth Band" for his VIP and official's from other countries.

Band formed in 1978 & 1979. The Governor's Youth Band would perform for various VIP, Foreign and US dignitaries when visiting the Governor of Guam in Guam, The Marianas Is and The White House . The Governor's Youth Band was requested to participate with "President Jimmy Carter's inauguration in 1978.

Right out of high school, Ben 'Maga Lahi" join The United Sates Army June 12 1979. Serve four years and started basic training in Fort Jackson, South Carolina. AIT school for Light Wheel Vehicle Mechanic was also in Fort Jackson South Carolina. Permanent duty station in Fort Benning, Columbus, Georgia. Serve all four years with 197th Infantry Brigade, 72nd Combat Engineer.

Made the rank of a Non-Comission Officer, Sargent E-5 Lt/Hvy Wheel Vehicle Mechanic after 2 years in service while in Fort Benning, Kelly Hill. Supported the whole 197th Infantry Brigade and Main Post Fort Benning. (ETS) Expired Time in Service in the Army left honorable discharge June 11 1983 all in Fort Benning Georgia. No Regrets, but, honored to have serve in the United States Army.

If called to serve "I'd do it again" PROUD TO HAVE SERVED...!!! THANK YOU FOR THE OPPORTUNITY.

Military families living and station in Guam

ETS Ft Benning, Columbus Ga. after honorably discharge from the US ARMY and lived in Monterey, California  here I was fortunate to played with the legendary guitarist Grammy award winning guitarist "Carlos Santana" in downtown San Francisco bay at an elegant hotel where I was fortunate to have been offered to jam on stage with "The Man" Carlos Santana on stage. Didn't get the chance to get a picture, however, an incredible experience to have the chance to jam with Carlros Santana. Toured  to GUAM for a concert, after, talking to him about how he's so LOVED by the people from GUAM that he needed to bless the whole Island with his talented music and GUITAR playing.  SOLD OUT 2 DAY CONCERT. That's the whole ISLAND. Thank you very much "Carlos Santana" for blessing the people from GUAM...!! Our island is so overjoyed and can't thank you enough for blessing us with your incredible musical talent this has been long time coming. They still talk about the concert and when he's gonna return.

Recorded a few studio tracks in studios playing the saxophone (tenor & alto) for "Lou Rawls" concert in San Diego Ca..! Ben play's a variety of genre of music jazz, country, rock & roll, latin, christian and chamorro music from the marianas isle to the USA for the past 30 years. 

First  chamorro album release  in 2010 "Chamoru Yu" recorded in San Diego by "Kmnwlth Productions" engineered/produce by Justin Muna.
The Ep album "Hunggan Magahet" produce and recorded by Daryl "D Pang" Pangelinan featuring artis Eric "IslanderRock" Borja. Available to purchace.

Ben has performed with various of incredible musician's from Guam the legend recording artist Johnny Sablan, the incomparable, the late, Frank "Bokongo" Pangelinan, Jazz Pianist Patrick Palomo, Jesse Bais & Ruby Santos, KC De Leon Guerrero, Danny De Leon Guerrero, Frank"Magellan", Ben Lam Lam SN, Queen of Chamorita's Flora Baza Quan, Rose Matinez Certeza, toni Quitagua, Candy Taman, Da.Udda.Band, Voted Best "World band" of 2014 San Diego, Ca. Tribal Theory and many more. 

Motivation to create and record his own chamorro album "Chamoru Yu and Hunggan Magahet"...? The people of the Island and abroad has given the support to create my first album and many more to come.  So in the hopes of inspiring future chamorro artist and continue the chamorro music legacy. Learn chamorro through music and incorporate them into dance, plays or just singing them in schools, churches or at home the chamorro ways. 

Hurao Academy in hagatna guam is a strong advocate in teaching the kids, teens and adults the chamorro culture where I dedicated most of my time when I'm in the island of Guam. Kids are thought respect, the belief, the cutlure and the ways of the Chamorro's. All should refer their kids to this warm and giving place for kids and parents to learn the ways of the chamorro's.

I was initiated, bless by Master Carver Greg Pangelinan, Master Black smith Unc Frank "Corn Beef" Lizama both supporting Hurao and to mention Saina Guinifi Ann Marie:

Hurao bless name:  Saina Maga Lahi


 Sample new release album "Chamoru Yu"  

My reason for my success. My beautiful, caring, kind hearted and Loving wife, June M Lizama. Words can't really express my "Love" for you asaguao.

Hu Guaiya Hao Bulalala

Si Yuus Maase.

FEST PAC 2016 in French

Historically speaking about what's going to be history in the Island of Guam. Please consider being a part of this monumental time in Guam's history.

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